Following up on the music stuff of the day and the announcement that there would be a new member of the Kamen Rider Girls, we’ve actually got two interesting bits of news to break!
In what’s probably going to be a continuing thing from now on, there is a new member of the Kamen Rider Girls, one of bands that contributes music to the franchise, based on the newest Kamen Rider, Wizard. Her name is Chisato Akita and she was revealed at a special performance held last night in Japan. The Kamen Rider Girls website added general information including her age (18) and special skills and hobbies, piano playing and fighting games. In addition to this, the site was also updated with new profile pictures for the entire band.

Chisato Akita / Kamen Rider Wizard                         Hitomi Isaka / Kamen Rider OOO         

Nagura Kaori / Kamen Rider Kiva                         Nao Yasuda / Kamen Rider Blade

Miki Endou / Kamen Rider Fourze                            Yoshizuri Eri / Kamen Rider Den-O

Missing from the member list on the website is Kamen Rider Ryuki girl Hirokawa Yui, who has also been absent from the group’s activities for the last year. This could be a sign that she’s finally been removed from the group.