Well it definitely looks like Saban Brands is going to be doing something with Digimon once again, according to a LinkedIn profile for Noam Kaniel, the original composer for the Digimon dubs under Saban. When asked by a fan about the state of a Digimon Xros Wars dub, a potential voice actor replied with a cryptic “I can neither confirm nor deny” statement a few days ago. Saban Brands recently launched their new The Vortexx TV block on Saturday mornings, replacing 4Kids Toonzai. It seems like any new Digimon Xros Wars project might end up there. Insiders at With the Will claim that dubbing on a new Digimon season recently begun, so it stands to reason that the ‘States might be seeing a Digimon Xros Wars dub, which would be the longest Digimon series thus far at 79 episodes, in the not too distant future.