Here’s an experiment! I’ll be live blogging Kamen Rider Wizard from now until…well whenever I can’t do it anymore or just don’t feel like an episode had enough substance. Pictures and my thoughts after the jump!

– Haruto pulls his bike out of hammer space like it’s nothing. I might like this guy. Looks like he’s Wizard from the start as well.

– Though I know it’s been done in more than just Shinkenger, the composition of the that opening fight really reminds me of Shinkenger. No surprise coming from the same director.

– Haruto’s one of those heroes with no hesitations about letting people know who he is and what the situation is. I’m glad we won’t have to deal with a ton of him hiding his identity then.

– The villains kind of remind me of the Greeeds in Kamen Rider OOO. Something about their first scene in human form reminded me of the early Greeed stuff too.

– …and Haruto gets himself arrested right away, nice! He’s also trying to be a bit of a sweet talker it seems.

– Tons of flashbacks to the eclipse ceremony! It looks really creepy and dark, I hope we get to see the full flashback at some point rather than the bits we saw this episode.

– So Haruto won’t break out of jail with his magic, but he’ll use it to grab some food while he’s in his cell. This is the sort of understated comedy I love.

– Story on Rinko already! Her father’s a police officer and that inspires her to become a detective herself.

– And Rinko herself is the first gate to be used by the bad guys! Something I wouldn’t have expected until much later on. One of the detectives she works with was actually a monster and cause despair in her by destroying her locket.

– …and Haruto shrinks himself to break out of jail when he hears Rinko scream. Oh this show is going to have interesting magic usage.

– And…it’s definitely going to take some time getting use to the “shabadoobi touch” stuff. The rest of the transformation is pretty simple and sleek.

– At least the sounds for the other form changes are less intrusive and kind of amusing to listen to.

– Okay, now that spinning Rider Kick is pretty awesome. Let’s hope Haruto actually uses it more than a handful of times.

– Oh wow. Haruto jumps into a person after they’ve become a gate and goes in to fix whatever’s been causing the despair within them.  Unfortunately it looks like only happens inside the body of a person, so the battle isn’t actually taking place in the real world. It looks like a person’s body literally cracks to pieces if a monster is successful in getting through.

– There’s some great location shooting going on in this episode, that battle on the outskirts of the city is really nice. This is something else I hope the show is able to keep up.

– Unfortunately, there is SO much CGI going on during the battles found in this episode that you just know they won’t be able to keep it up.

First episode was a lot of fun, a ton of action to be found and they jump right on into everything. I don’t think this is going to give viewers a proper impression of what the show is really like. Most of this episode was Haruto showing off the various toys he has. The next few episodes will probably do a better job at helping to set the tone for the series. Something I did notice in the direction during this episode is that the human stuff plays a lot more like a drama rather than the typical stuff in tokusatsu. I’m actually reminded of earlier Heisei Rider shows in those scenes…though the second half of the episode and all of the action is absolutely indicative of the crazy and colorful action Kamen Rider has grown fond of in the last couple of years.