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[自爆!メカ人間] Jibaku! Meka Ningen

The Exploding Mechanical Humans!

Writer: Hirohisa Soda

Something strange is going on in a nearby town. It has to do with Nickelodeon slime and exploding pigeons. You’ll find out after the jump.

Due to the constant failures his generals have racked up, Doctor Man decides to be a bit more hands on when it comes to his schemes…..by ordering Mason to create robots disguised as humans programmed to explode.  He first sends them into the heavily guarded National Research Laboratory and detonates them along with the entire building. With a plan like this, how could they possibly fail this time?

Well, this sparks an investigation by the Biomen who spread out to search for anything suspicious. Go gets a tip from one of his messenger pigeons that something strange is going on in the next town. Naturally, Go drives out to investigate, but finds nothing out of the ordinary. He asks the pigeon again to be more specific but before it could finish it’s thought, IT FRIGGIN EXPLODED IN A PUFF OF SMOKE, SPARKS AND FEATHERS! Seriously, holy crap! One of the five Beastnoids, Metsler figured out that Go could talk to animals and FRIGGIN SILENCED IT! I really did not expect to see that in a Sentai show. Or maybe I’m just not used to seeing animals explode to pieces on my screen. But it was one of those moments that makes you lean back and go DAAAAAMN!

Anyway, the Biomen figure out that something is up with the citizens of this town when they start to randomly attack them and explode when they got knocked down. If that doesn’t tell you something is out of place here, I’m not quite sure what will. So they transform and try to hunt down all of the mechanical humans. Then, they randomly get a call from Pebo who tells Green Two and Blue Three specifically that like Go, they have special abilities as well due to the bio particles in their bodies. I just never understood why Green and Blue specifically? I mean, sure we found out about Go’s powers because he was isolated from the rest. But, Pebo tells these two about their powers while they are with the rest. I understand that they probably did this to lengthen the reveal of all of their powers to more than two episodes. But, it just seemed odd to me that Pebo would single out these two in this episode when the episode had little to do with them. Maybe it’s because their powers fit in with the episode. But, it just seemed extremely forced to me.


So, what powers did they receive from Bio Robo’s particle shower? (That sounded a lot less disgusting in my head, but I didn’t say it out loud so I think we’re safe.) Well,  Green got Super Electron Scope which basically gives him the ability to see through objects. Though, this is oddly similar to Yellow’s ability she displayed in the first episode but it was never said to be her bio particle-given power. Blue has Super Electron Ear which gives him super hearing and allows him to hear the motors running inside of the mechanical humans. I wonder if they will show them using these powers outside of their suits, like Go/Red One has been doing exclusively with his Dr. DoLittle powers. Anyway, they use their new found abilities to track down all of the exploding robot human people things and battle with Metsler. After a quick tussle, he falls back and makes way for Mecha Giant of the week, Beetle-Kans. And, it pretty much goes as expected from here with a battle with Bio Robo.

I’m not sure, but I was very lukewarm to this episode. Maybe it was because of the blindsided reveal of Green and Blue’s powers, or the lack of a real objective behind the mechanical humans aside from it being a test run. I guess if it worked and we got to see them deployed throughout Japan and posing a real threat they would have been more interesting. But here, they just seem like a minor plot point solely used to display new abilities from the Biomen. Not much is gained from this episode and we probably could have done with out it.

That being said, there were some pretty cool fights and effects done in this show. The psychedelic effect used when Metsler would become invisible was pretty cool to see. And the shot of what I’m assuming is a beating heart when he does this was kind of eerie to see despite what it looked like. Lots of good outdoor fights as well. I’m glad that the studio shots were kept to a minimum because actual choreography between the Biomen and the enemies gives the scenes more character.

I guess for now, since this is still the very beginning of the season, we’re getting a lot of episodes that just show how things work and makes us familiar with who everyone is. Hopefully, we’ll see more plot and interactions between the characters as we move on through the episodes. This is typical for most Sentai shows so it’s not really unexpected. It just starts to lose its luster from the first episode a little bit. Though, I’m sure as soon as things kick into gear, this show will pick up tremendously.