Some new details regarding the Space Sheriff Gavan movie have been revealed and I’ll go ahead and take this opportunity to catch people up on what we know about the movie thus far.

Space Sheriff Gavan THE MOVIE is the big screen adaptation of Space Sheriff Gavan, the first show in Toei’s Metal Heroes franchise. Though the franchise stopped production well over ten years ago, many people remained fans. Super Sentai and Metal Heroes have actually been paired together as Toei’s action tokusatsu shows longer than Kamen Rider and Super Sentai have and thus memories of the dormant franchise linger. This year is the 30th anniversary of the franchise and to celebrate it, Toei is giving us a big screen version of the original series. Rather than be like Kamen Rider THE FIRST and handle itself as a reimagining, Space Sheriff Gavan the Movie is a continuation of the trilogy comprised of the first three Metal Heroes shows, Space Sheriff Gavan, Sharivan, and Shaider. So thanks to this, we’ll have all three Space Sheriffs appearing and Kenji Ohba, the original Gavan, will play a huge role in the movie, handing the mantle of Gavan over to newcomer Geki Jumonji, played by Yuma Ishigaki.

The movie also sees the return of Commander Qom, played Toshiaki Nishizawa. The character of Commander Qom was present in all three Space Sheriffs series and he served as both a mentor and boss to the heroes of those shows – in which capacity he’ll be returning to the role after nearly 30 years. And just as we’re getting a new Gavan, we’re also getting a new Sharivan and Shaider. The new Shaider will be a character by the name Kai Hyuga played by Riki Miura, known for his role as Gou Fukami / Geki Violet in Juuken Sentai Gekiranger. A character by the name of Shu Karasuma, played by fan favorite Hiroaki Iwanaga, known for his roles as Eiji Ishiguro / R5 in Tomica Hero Rescue Force and Date in Kamen Rider OOO.

Every good hero needs a force to fight against and the movie is providing him one in the form of a newly restructured Makuu Space Crime Syndicate. The Makuu, who lured Space Sheriffs to the dark side and kidnapped the original Gavan’s father, were defeated by Gavan years ago. The new Makuu syndicate is a band of thugs who pull the strings of galactic crime as they watch over earth from their hidden castle.

The top brass in the new Makuu syndicate are made up of characters who all pay some homage to characters from the original Makuu syndicate. Witch Kill is a new age counterpart to Witch Kiba, wife of Don Horror, the leader of the original Makuu. The character of San Vardon is paying homage to San Dorva, the son of Witch Kiba and Don Horror. Blidon seems to be analogous to Hunter Killer – though to say why would probably involve a spoiler, so I won’t get into that.

The story of the new movie revolves around Geki Jumonji, a newly appointed Space Sheriff under the mentorship of Retsu Ichijouji – the original Gavan. Years ago Geki was lost in space on a mission to Mars along with his partner Toya Okuma. Geki returns to Earth shrouded in mystery one day, in pursuit of a notorious space criminal. At this point Geki is partnered with Sherry, played by Samurai Sentai Shinkenger’s Suzuka Morita. Geki now aims to stop the threat of a revived Makuu Syndicate and live up to the mantle he has inherited as Gavan. In addition to this, we’ll also see the rest of the new generation of Space Sheriffs in the form of the new Sharivan and Shaider.