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As you may know, design and behind the scenes information are my favorite areas of interest when it comes to tokusatsu. I’m all about knowing what went into the design, things that were dropped and so on. This year’s Power Morphicon has a pretty awesome interview with Tsuyoshi Nonaka, one of the lead designers with PLEX who works on Power Rangers. (he’s also responsible for the design of DaiZyuJin and Mazinkaizer Skull)

The interview is a great watch for anyone else interested in learning about this area of production. We even learn an interesting little tidbit  about Sentai and Rider – Sentai probably won’t ever use a belt buckle type transformation item again because that’s Kamen Rider’s thing and Bandai doesn’t want to eat into its own market.

All videos come from the most awesome Rangercrew blog, which you should check out if you’ve not already done so for more Power Rangers-centric news.