Continuing the awesome trend in Digimon news lately, we’ve got yet another new game on the way thanks to some leaked magazine scans!

A new PSP game, coming off the heels of the recent Digimon World re:Digitize game is on its way, and this time it’s based on the original anime! re:Digitize featured some of the past anime characters in new roles but was, for the most part, an entirely new cast of characters. This game promises to recreate and expand the adventures seen in the original Digimon anime. The game is also being called the third phase in the 15th anniversary celebration. The first two phases were the 25 episode extension to Digimon Xros Wars, making it the longest Digimon anime to date, and the re:Digitize game, which featured some incredible character designs and artwork. (and a random tie in to Tekken) Here’s to hoping the fourth phase leads to a new anime. I’m still of the mind that once Saint Seiya Omega finishes, a new Digimon show might replace it.