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[合体! 剛龍神] Gattai! Goryujin
Combine! GoRyuJin

Writer: Noboru Sugimura

The battle finally comes to an end! The conclusion to the Burai arc and the return of the team to form. A new robot, a new teammate, and Geki’s final showdown with Dragon Ranger is at hand.

Burai continues his fight against Lami and Griffozer through Dragon Caesar, bringing more destruction to the city. While at the base, Barza prays to god once again to have the Guardian Beasts and DaiZyuJin return. Whatever he did, it looks like DaiZyuJin was paying attention. A small earthquake erupts, the Dino Bucklers begin to color and shoot beams of light into the ground and finally, the Guardian Beasts return and appear in the sky. The team and everyone else in the city are overjoyed at the return of their greatest allies.

Barza realizes the magma of the earth they fell into was what healed them, it contains the essence of Gaiatron. The Guardian Beasts weren’t sealed away, they returned to the earth heal as soon as possible. Bandora realizes her day’s pretty much shot to hell and so she calls Lami and Griffozer back. Burai believes Dragon Caesar is strong enough to defeat the Guardian Beasts and has him head in for an attack. The Beasts tell the team to stay out of it as Tyrannozaurus descends to earth and begins a one on one battle with Caesar.

Nearby, Burai plays the Zyusouken as he commands the Dragon Caesar. Realizing all the pain his brother has caused, Geki is no longer lost in his emotions. He knows he has to defeat his brother. Burai gladly accepts the challenge and the fight is on! This is the best battle in the series and probably one of the better battles Sentai has seen in general, at least out of suit. It helps that both actors seem to have a great knowledge of what they’re doing and aren’t holding back with each other. Swift and precise sword strikes, high kicks, some great dodges and all of it at the highest intensity you could imagine. You also realize just how dedicated Geki is to defeating his brother now, stabbing his sword into the ground moments before Burai avoids what would have been a deadly blow.

The two take things to the next level soon enough as they transform and continue the battle with their Legendary Weapons. Burai proves just how amazing his shield is as it blocks and reflects Geki’s blasts from his Ranger Gun. The Dragon Ranger runs in close and manages to give Geki a painful slash against the chest, claiming he’s going to have his revenge no matter what happens. Dragon Caesar and Tyrannozaurus continue their battle as this epic fight is going on down below.

The rest of the team arrives to help Geki, but he tells them to stay out of it, this is his task to finish. Geki stands to his feet and goes in for a powerful strike while Tyrannozaurus finally defeats Dragon Caesar. Burai is on the ground, defeated and cursing Geki’s name as his brother stares him down.

DaiZyuJin is formed and begins to smack Dragon Caesar around a little more. This is another great displaying of robot fighting. Dragon Caesar so chaotic and lost, it’s struggling just to stay in the battle. DaiZyuJin, on the other hand, is in complete control of the battle, moving fast and delivering the necessary blows. The great god defeats Dragon Caesar and tells Geki that evil like Burai must not be allowed to live.

Geki slowly approaches his brother with his sword, his teammates protesting the order to kill Burai. Geki stabs the sword into the ground before Burai and tells everyone that he can never kill his brother. Angered, Burai takes the Hellfried and rushes towards Geki, who has his back turned to his brother. Geki tells him that if it’ll help him heal, he’ll allow Burai to slay him. Geki turns and Burai falls to his knees, begging for forgiveness when he sees the tears in his brother’s eyes. Burai cries and his tears fall to the Hellfried, causing the sword to turn to dust. DaiZyuJin declares that Burai has been healed.

Annnnd this is where the episode sort of just falls apart for me. Everyone transforms and poses…just ’cause. I mean, I sort of get the idea of them finally being a team and what not, but it’s odd. DaiZyuJin then announces that Dragon Caesar can combine with ZyuMammoth, Saber Tiger, and Triceratops to form a robot called GouRyuJin. So they form that combination and pose and it’s kinda…eh. This comes off as blatantly yelling “Hey, kids! Come buy these cool new toys!” over and over. These new additions to the arsenal could have been handled better in later episodes. Here the action sort of just stops to introduce all of these new things.

Burai returns to the Lapless Room and the spirit, now calling itself Clotho, the spirit of life, tells Burai he has just 25 hours left to live should he step out of the room. Burai is freaking out over the fact that he has such little time left, especially now that he’s made amends with his brother and wants to live a long life. The rest of the team are frantic, looking for Burai, having no idea where he’s gone off to.

As a conclusion to the Burai arc, this is a pretty great episode, for the most part. The final minutes go into toy commercial mode like crazy. I think they could have fixed this by maybe making the fights a little longer. The toy commercial mode didn’t last too long, but it does take up the majority of the rest of the episode and that just clashes oddly with everything that came before. There’s also some pretty bad editing with Burai randomly returning to the Lapless Room. Seeing him slip away quietly once he remembers the green candle would have worked a little better.

Either way, not a bad episode, just not the best finish I was hoping for to such a great arc.