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[守護獣大あばれ] Shugojuu Ouabare

Great Riot of the Guardian Beast

Writer: Noboru Sugimura
DaiZyuJin has fallen and Burai’s alliance with Bandora has finally come to end. Given the mysterious Zyusouken by a white spirit, Burai summons the sixth Guardian Beast, Dragon Caesar. With Burai on the rampage and the team hopeless against his new giant, how will they manage to stop him?

Again picking up right where the previous episode left off, the team is screwed. DaiZyuJin was defeated and has been sealed within the earth. All seems hopeless and Geki has gone missing, feeling their defeat was his fault as he didn’t have it in him to attack his brother. The team is in shambles and it looks like nothing can be done to pull them out of this rut. The mood in Bandora’s palace on the other hand, is completely different. Festivities all around as everyone celebrates the defeat of DaiZyuJin.

Burai stalks the party and feels the time has come to severe ties with Bandora as he goes in for the attack. This goes as well as you might imagine it would. Bandora knew his betrayal wouldn’t be too far after the defeat of DaiZyuJin, but she isn’t worried in the least. She taunts Burai with some fire and lightning before sending him flying down towards earth.

Burai meets up with a spirit in the form of a small girl dressed in white. The spirit drags him to a room and for the most part is pretty mysterious, never actually telling Burai what its identity is. Once in the room though, the spirit does tell Burai that for as long as he remains here, he will not age one minute. If he should step outside, a green candle will begin to burn down the remaining hours of his life – just a little over 30 hours.

The spirit also grants Burai the Zyusouken, a flute in the form of a dagger. Just as the Zyuranger had their own Legendary Weapons, this is Dragon Ranger’s. The spirit also informs Burai that playing this flute will allow him to summon the Guardian Beast known as Dragon Caesar. If Burai ever wishes to leave the room, he simply has to hold the Zyusouken close to him and wish for teleportation to the human world and vice versa when he wants to get back this this room. The spirit warns him that the moment he steps out of the room, the green candle will begin to burn down and for every second he’s outside, it will burn until all 32 hours have been exhausted.

Not quite sure if he should believe this spirit or not, Burai decides to test its words out and teleports to the human world with the help of the Zyusouken. He begins playing the flute here and is able to summon the gigantic Dragon Caesar. You gotta love how the dragon just rises out of the water here. At first it’s shown speeding along under the water, you can see the water breaking as the uppermost portion of its head breaks against the surface. It’s a really cool effect that helps the visualization of a giant monster about to rise from the water. You see its eyes glowing red ominously under the water. Definitely some Godzilla inspiration going on here.

Realizing the sort of power this Guardian Beast holds, Burai commands it to attack the city and that it does. The team watches helplessly and confused as Dragon Caesar lays waste to the city. Barza tells himthe five beasts they’ve been using to form DaiZyuJin aren’t the only Guardian Beasts out there. Not sure how to fight it, the team know that they have to and head out.
People are running for their lives and helping those trapped in the rubble out. One of the people helping out others is Geki, he’s helping by lifting up rubble from above trapped people. Burai overhears Geki’s voice and begins to attack from above as our hero tries to help people out of the rubble. The rest of the team arrives and helps Geki out. This is a pretty brutal scene. I genuinely don’t buy into the blood looking realistic at all during these mass destruction scenes, and it generally doesn’t look convincing here. What does really send a chill down your spin is seeing the belongings of a kid Geki helped out of the rubble covered in blood. This sends him up the wall. Geki realizes that he’s been letting his emotions get the best of him for far too long that his brother needs to go down.

The team transforms and all head off to fight Burai, not sure how they’re going to be able to do that. Burai is happy to oblige them and has Dragon Caesar attack the Rangers itself.

As Dragon Caesar continues the destruction of the city, Bandora watches from above. She realizes with this power, Burai might actually pose a threat to her and sends Lami and Griffozer down to Earth to destroy it before things get out of hand. So now we have a massive two way battle between three opponents going on and the city is being torn to shreds. As the team watches the chaos from the ground floor, Barza pleads for the Guardian Beasts to return.
Another great episode from the show. If you’ve noticed, it’s basically been one nonstop narrative since the arrival of Burai. I’m really loving the development here. As if losing their robot wasn’t bad enough, their toughest enemy gaining one isn’t going to make the task ahead of them any easier. Burai’s finally made his move against Bandora and has her as enemy. I love the development here, it’s not so totally in your face, but you almost get the sense that the mysterious forest he landed it is purgatory itself.
The battle comes to a head next time as the team deals with the continued threat of Bandora and Burai.