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A new poster for Space Sheriff Gavan the movie is out and it’s looking all sorts of awesome!

Eiga.com is providing information on the new Space Sheriff Gavan movie and it’s pretty big. In the past we’ve learned that there would be a new actor portraying the iconic role made famous by Kenji Ohba, but now we know Gavan isn’t the only one getting a new actor. Riki Miura, known for playing Gou / Geki Violet in Juuken Sentai Gekiranger and Hiroaki Iwanaga, known for his roles in Tomica Hero Rescue Force and Kamen Rider OOO are going to be replacing Hiroshi Watari and the deceased Hiroshi Tsuburaya as the actors for Space Sheriff Shaider and Space Sheriff Sharivan. Miura will be playing Hinata Kai, the new Sharivan while Iwanaga is playing Karasuma Fune, the new Shaider. Though this movie will definitely focus on Gavan, these two have made it onto the poster and were important enough to be given a recast. Just how big of a role will they actually play in the final product?

Source: http://eiga.com/news/20120815/2/