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[大獣神最期の日] Daijuujin Saigo no Hi

DaiZyuJin’s Final Day

Writer: Noboru Sugimura
Last time, Bandora stole the final pair of dinosaur eggs in existence and left our heroes saying that their giant god DaiZyuJin would fall in just three days and she would then be able to destroy them and take over the world. This time, our team must fight for their lives as Bandora’s plot moves into full motion.

At their base, Geki and the rest of the team are distraught as they try to fathom how anything could be capable of destroying DaiZyuJin. Barza is deep in his archives trying to find the reason as to why three days from now is a special enough day that DaiZyuJin could be destroyed on it. Dan wonders whether anything can actually destroy DaiZyuJin. He’s supposedly a god, so that should be impossible. Whatever the case, everyone dives deep into helping Barza discover the truth.

While up in her palace, Bandora is making herself up for what she believes is going to be the biggest day of her life, the day she will finally be able to defeat DaiZyuJin.

Lami and Griffozer seem to be having an argument of sorts as Lami runs to Bandora complaining over the first words Griffozer speaks to her. After Bandora grants him the ability to speak, the very first thing he finds it in him to say is that…women don’t belong on the battlefield and that Lami should just go do laundry. Totpat and Bukbak love this, but Bandora reminds Griffozer that she’s a woman as well and stronger than everyone in the room combined. Burai looks on at the gang and laughs at them for the idiots they appear to him.

Before I move on, man, I really do love Griffozer’s voice here. He’s voiced by Tokumaru Kan and you would not expect this to be the voice coming out of him. For the sort of warrior he’s been, you might expect something unruly and blathering, but what do you get? Griffozer sounds like a gentlemen, speaking with a very nice, deep tone of voice that commands respect for its eloquence. After waiting 20 episodes to hear the guy speak, you will not be disappointed when those first words come out of his mouth.

Moving on! Bandora speaks to Burai and tells him that she knows he plans on betraying her and taking the world for himself. Until that time comes, he’s stuck working together with the witch so that they will finally be able to bring down DaiZyuJin. Burai isn’t happy about this at all, but he is so blinded by his rage that there is nothing too disgusting for him to do if it means being able to defeat the Zyuranger and bring an end to his brother.

Bandora prays to Satan to help her be victorious on this day and her plan is in full motion. Griffozer is down on earth in giant form, attacking everything in sight. The Golems are attacking people along with Totpat and Bukbak. The team arrive on their bikes and face off against Lami, proceeding to get their butts kicked when Griffozer decides to join in. Geki realizes Bandora is trying to bait them into calling DaiZyuJin. To escalate the need for the giant god, Griffozer grabs a school buss filled with kids.

Back at their base, Barza is finally realizing the reason Bandora has proclaimed today to be the day DaiZyuJin will fall. This is the day of a solar eclipse.

The team tracks down Bandora and realize that she’s using the bus as bait and planning on throwing it over a mountain and down onto the dinosaur eggs she stole in the previous episode. Griffozer makes things worse when he starts attacking. Just before the team calls their Guardian Beasts, Barza appears and tell the team that the most complete solar eclipse in a century will appear in less than five minutes. DaiZyuJin draws its power from something called Gaiatron, a power that comes from the sun’s light. Without it, DaiZyuJin will be helpless in no time.

Bandora begins the countdown and just as the bus starts to go over the edge, the team calls for DaiZyuJin. The eclipse is going to last a half hour, but they have no choice. If they don’t act, the eggs and the kids aboard the bus will all perish. Bandora is overjoyed by seeing the team call for their beasts. They’re able to save the bus just in the nick of time, though now they have to battle Griffozer.

As if battling Griffozer wasn’t bad enough, Bandora makes Lami giant as well – and she is one ugly giant. In her monster form, Lami looks like the most monstrous thing we’ve seen in the series thus far. She’s especially creepy in the eclipse as the darkness bathes her. Her face alone would give you nightmares.

And, things go from bad to worse when a giant Dragon Ranger appears and starts to beat down DaiZyuJin. Faced against three gigantic threats on minimal power, DaiZyuJin is pressed against the wall. The team try everything they can to get away from the battle scene as fast as possible, but Bandora ain’t letting that happen. It’s no time before DaiZyuJin is defeated and the team is thrown out of its cockpit, standing helplessly as they watch their Guardian Beasts sink into the Earth and hear Bandora’s demonic laugh.

Everything that’s been building for the last couple of episodes finally comes to a head and it looks like things are absolutely hopeless for the team. They have their spirits and will never give up, but how are they going to take on Bandora without their greatest weapon? I love the mood of this episode, from the very start all the stakes are high and there’s a sort of doom and gloom feel throughout most of the episode. In fact, the only really light moments here come from Griffozer and Lami – by the way, I never get tired of that hilarious voice. I’ve also gotta make mention of the suit acting going on for the robot battle here, it’s nothing short of amazing. DaiZyuJin is moving around with this energy and desperateness to try and keep itself alive under the conditions of the solar eclipse. It’s rare that you get to see these robot battles have such speed.

Next time things go from bad to worse as Bandora ramps up her attacks now that the team is without a giant and a new Guardian Beast appears, a green dragon.