Three years. Wow. It’s one of those things where three years feels like a long time, especially when you say it out loud, but when you think about it, its actually gone by pretty quickly. We honestly didn’t think we would last this long as a site. From the time that we made an account on Blogspot and made our first couple of posts, we didn’t think to much as to where we wanted this thing to go. We just wanted to create a place where we could voice our opinions on the shows and movies that we loved, and some that we didn’t love so much. We, of course, got influences from sites like and hoped to one day get to that level of writing and analysis.

While we don’t think we are there yet, we have definitely come a long way. Our first year was definitely pretty rocky. With scattered reviews and incomplete projects, we were just feeling out what we wanted to do with the site and what best suited our vision. We started a podcast but only got two episodes in before it was put on the back-burner due to PC screw ups. We definitely experimented with some things…. and then we experimented on the site (heyo! jokes, they’re hilarious!). By the time we got to the second year, we sort of had an idea of what kind of articles and reviews we wanted to do. But we found that our Blogspot page just wasn’t enough to facilitate the ideas we had for expanding the site. So we got a WordPress account and created RST v2.0!

Since then, I think we’ve really come to something we can be proud of. Especially in this past year, we’ve seen the site grow in ways we didn’t even expect. From adding reviews of comics and TV episodes, to reviving our long-dead podcast, to provide breaking news from the world of Tokusatsu as well as independent action media, we’ve seen the amount of content on our site grow exponential. But, the most important part to us is that we have people who actually come to the site… actually read it!

When we started, we always wondered if anyone read our site. We never got comments on our articles, no one shared our content. We sorta felt like we were shouting to no one. But, we loved doing it so we kept on. This past year, especially the past several months, we’ve seen more and more people check out our stuff and actually have deep conversations about these crazy shows that we love so much. That’s the one thing that we always wanted to generate: conversation. That’s justification enough that we are doing something worthwhile. It may just be critiquing the fidelity of a giant prop hand that’s supposed to be the hand of a giant robot, or whether or not Bane’s filtered voice distracted from the latest Batman movie. But to us, this is something worth discussing. These shows and movies are entertainment, but they also bring ideas and concepts to the table for us to chew on at times. We always get critiqued that the fandom takes these shows too seriously because they are aimed at children. But who says shows like these can’t appeal to us adults as well? This is what we like to explore. They are both fun to watch, and fun to talk about. And we at RST always hope that we can contribute to that conversation just a bit.

So, with three years in the can, we’re looking forward to things to come. With our very good friend, Algo Fonix, joining the team you can expect to see some quality gaming coverage on our site as well as his pseudo-Southern humor on the podcast. The podcast has become a thing now, with many of our close friends guesting in the past, and hopefully in the future. We  also have a bit of a surprise on that front, but you’ll see that in a couple of weeks. ;) We also got with the times and created a Facebook page, so the discussion can expand to that wide ocean of oddness.

The future is looking bright here at RST. And, we’d like to thank each and every one of you who have come to the site to read our nonsense. You seriously do not know how much it means to us that you guys take time out of your busy internet schedules to take a gander at what we have on our page. We hope to continue to provide you with the kind of news, articles and reviews that only we can bring. We’ll always tell it to you how it is, holding no punches. Hopefully y’all will stick around with us and spread the word as to what we’re doing here. This is a thing that we made with your help. And that’s pretty awesome.

Thank you,

the Crew of Rising Sun Tokusatsu