Ok, maybe not so much the wealth part, but I do like to think I have taste! Hello. I’m Algo Fonix and I’ll be joining the RST family today.  I’m excited at this opportunity, and quite thankful that I was offered this chance! I’ve been listening to the podcast and reading the articles for quite some time and have been a supporter since I found out Aoi Kurenai and Inui Takumi were doing this blog.

Why did they ask me to help out? That’s a good question! To be honest, Tokusatsu isn’t something I’m overly knowledgeable about, but I do dabble in it from time to time. I’m a bit newer to the Toku fandom than most, as I only found out there even was such a thing in 2007. I’ve been watching Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Ultraman ever since though. I enjoy the older shows and newer shows equally. They each have their own charm and their own flaws and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

That said, my focus will be on video games. More specifically, I’ll be talking about some classic imports that many may have overlooked or are personal favorites. I plan on doing some features on the Sega Saturn very soon (hey, maybe they’re posted), and then we’ll probably go farther back to some older hardware and software.

I’m not very good at introductions, so I’ll say a bit about myself. I’m currently a student at Marshall University in West Virginia, and I enjoy music, video games, cooking, gardening, and cold beer. I look forward to (hopefully) entertaining some people and creating some neat original content.

If you’re curious about anything that I didn’t cover, and I’m sure I missed something, just ask in the comments and I’ll respond.