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[クシャミ大作戦] Kushami Dai Sakusen

The Great Sneezing Plot

Writer: Takaku Susumu

In this episode of Zyuranger, we find out how d-baggy a kid can be when Bandora Kony2012s her up his services to cause havoc on the kids of Tokyo.

So apparently Boi’s been practicing his cooking and he’s trying out a meal on the rest of the team. Everyone is eagerly awaiting the meal and when it gets there…no one likes it. Pretty much everyone except for Geki is a little too blunt over it. So, naturally, Boi runs off. Mei gives chase.

On a soccer field, a kid named Isamu is practicing with his team and learning that his team doesn’t really like him. Why? Kid’s a bit of a brat. No one sees his supposedly amazing talent and he tends to like kicking soccer balls into their faces. Isamu storms off when his team kicks him off the field and he accidentally kicks a ball into a nearby Boi.

The two don’t quite get along and Isamu runs off…and meets up with a clown. The clown produces a golden soccer ball from its chest and has Isamu kick at it his friends. The ball then explodes and spreads some sort of sneezing powder all over the place. Isamu is loving this.

Up in her palace, Bandora raps about the situation. Yeah.

Boi witnesses the sneezing kids and is determined to solve the case himself without the help of the others to prove his worth.

The kid basically continues taking joy in causing other people to sneeze. I guess you can’t say it’s super malicious at first, but then you see that they can’t stop sneezing at all. I’m not really sure whether or not the kid is aware of this as the monster has yet to reveal itself to him, but it’s still a scummy move. The rest of the team learn about the situation and rush to try and find Boi so they can help him out, realizing he might be trying to prove himself to them.

Boi catches a break when he sees Isamu kick a ball at some kids and manages to stop it just in time. The kid runs off and Boi gives chase, discovering his clown friend. Of course this ain’t no simple clown, it’s a Dora Monster! The clown produces a bunch of soccer balls for Isamu to kick at Boi and cause him to sneeze. Seriously, this kid is a d-bag.

The clown transforms into its monster state, revealing itself to be DoraEndos. It throws a ball at Boi, who just barely manages to dodge it. (if you look closely, you can see “PUSSY” written on the wall behind him) DoraEndos manages to get some water on him and starts freaking out before throwing Boi far into a river with Isamu watching everything go down.

The rest of the team encounter DoraEndos and a bunch of Golems, so it’s time for a fight scene! They’re getting their butts kicked by Griffozar before DoraEndos decides to step it and sprays its sneezing power, inadvertently making Bandora’s gang sneeze.

While Boi is floating away helplessly on the river, Isamu gives chase and decides he should be a decent human being for once and manages to get him to shore. Boi realizes he’s stopped sneezing and thinks the water must have something to do with it. He rushes off to join the rest of his team. But just before Boi can get there, Bandora turns the monster giant so as to increase its powder’s reach. People all over the place are sneezing like crazy, causing them to lose focus on their tasks and crash their cars and other unpleasant things.

Boi finally arrives on scene and tells the team what they have to do, so it’s robot time! Oh, but it’s not just any robot time, it’s Guardian Beast time! The individual DaiZyuJin components are fighting DoraEndos. Dan subdues DoraEndos with his Tricera’s horns while Goushi’s Mammoth freeze sprays the monster and Geki’s Tyrannozaurus finishes it off with a sonic attack.

All of this teaches Isamu a lesson about working together as a team or something.

I think this might actually be the first character focus episode where said character gets a majority of the screen time. I’m not sure how much I like it compared to the usual format that Zyuranger has been running with. It’s fun to see it, but I actually enjoy everything else a little more as it does feel more natural to just be able to see what various characters are up to rather than just the one. Anywho, it’s still a nice way to get some focus on Boi for once. Even though he’s pegged as a character beyond his years, he’s still the youngest of the group and a kid in need of validation. I’m starting to see why he was the one to make that speech to Toshio’s mother back in episode 14 about treating your kid’s failures with a more gentle touch.

The robot battle this time was amazing, my favorite so far from Zyuranger. We don’t actually get to see DaiZyuJin, but rather the independent Guardian Beasts battle the monster and that’s just great. I love it when a Sentai realizes that they do have these puppets for the robot components laying around and they actually use them. This seriously leads to some creative use of filming techniques and battling. Watching the Guardian Beasts battle on their own to form a collaborative effort sends home the idea of this being an ensemble.

So all in all, good episode! Nothing bland about it, beyond a kid you really dislike, so I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of Takaku Susumu on Zyuranger thus far, but he at least delivered here more than in episode 12. I think the only aspect of this episode I wasn’t fond of was that his resolution seemed so halfhearted in the end. The robot battle ends and we skip Isamu’s epiphany, suddenly he and his friends are okay with each other. Not a fan of that. Also, I’m a huge fan of the idea that Bandora is using non threatening monsters to pry on the weaknesses and fears of kids, basically getting them to commit these terrible acts without even realiz- well, no, at least not in this case. Isamu knew his actions were wrong. Kid’s a douche.

You might have noticed that the last couple of episodes have had a member separated from the rest of the team for some portion of the battle. Well, next time they’re going to need everyone together.