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[無惨!! BFが溶け] muzan!! bii faitaa ga tokeru

“Merciless! The B-Fighters are Melting”

Mother’s sleep continues in this episode as Dezzle and Raija hatch a plan to cause the B-Fighter armor to corrode. Kengo and Lee are the only ones left to stop the attacking brothers and their monster after Ran and Kouhei’s armors are knocked out of commission. Lee ends up taking a hit to sacrifice his armor to buy the others some time to formulate a plan.

This was a pretty nice follow to the previous episode in that we actually get to see the revived brothers being a bit more proactive about making their presence a force to be reckoned with as they attack the B-Fighters. Their plan was pretty simple and worked right off the bat, I imagine everyone would have been screwed if both Kuwaga and Min had been effected by the monster’s attack at the start of the battle as well.

One of the battles is interrupted by the B-Crushers, who…actually end up sending the air drones to attack Dezzle and Raija. The B-Crushers were pretty lost at the start of the episode, it’s as if they can’t really do too much without Mother around to guide them, something I think Dezzle and Raija picked up on as well. There was some visible fright in the B-Crushers when they saw what the brothers’ monster could do to B armor.

I think the attack against the B-Fighters and their armor was just as much a show of power to the B-Fighters as it was to the B-Crushers. There have been some animosities growing between the two groups over the last few episodes and the brothers took their stand in this one, they want it known that they’ll not be pushed around by the B-Crushers, and their attack sent that message home at first. The B-Crushers were pretty confused and scared over what was going to happen to them.

Despite the fears the B-Crushers felt, they’re still absolutely mental and figure they have to let it be known that they won’t be pushed around either…so they send the air drones to get in the way of Dezzle and Raija nearly destroying the B-Fighters! Mother didn’t exactly seem too happy to have her sons back when they revived, and the B-Crushers know this, but I think they also fear that Mother isn’t exactly a loving parent and will simply support whoever the strongest of her children is.

I’ll be interested in seeing where this new rivalry goes between all the children. The thought of another rivalry didn’t exactly make me feel too happy at first, considering just how wasted it was between Dezzle and Raija in the first half, but I think the show has learned from its mistakes. The rivalry is portrayed as a bit more of a proactive thing, rather than something that just sits around. Raija and Dezzle don’t just write off the B-Crushers attack like Raija did with Dezzle’s sabotage of a monster of his early on in the series.

The episode ends with Raija and Descorpion trying to assert their dominance and I can’t wait to see where this goes. I feel hopeful that we’re in store for a pretty interesting battle between this two, one that might just benefit the B-Fighters in some form or another. Speaking of! It was cool to see Lee again in this episode, he’s portrayed as pretty benevolent, but educational in this one. Lee cooks tons of food for the team but won’t actually let them eat until he’s told them the detailed history of every last ingredient that he used. I could definitely see him sticking around to add a bit more comic relief to the show when needed, but this is Kabuto and we’ve got a revolving door of guest heroes, he won’t be back for a while because next up is…Ageha!