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[悪夢のオオクワガタ] akumu no ou kuwagata

“The Merciless Giant Stag Beetle”

And we’re introduced to what I think is going to bet the final new character of the show in this episode, Kuwaga Titan. Mother Melzard was given the Geist Ax by the Will of Darkness to use the ultimate dark power against the B-Fighters. The Titan forces Kabuterious to a draw not once, but twice. It also seems like we might not get to see either one of them again for a while as the portions on their respective weapons that house them have been turned to stone.

I think this was the first time since at least episode 28 in where we’ve only had three B-Fighters in a single episode, feels a little strange. I guess it shows how much the show has improved in that it doesn’t feel as boring as it was during its first half and the events of the story can carry themselves easily enough. The main three are still pretty static and just…boring, it doesn’t help that they’ve got some of the most deadpan actors in all of tokusatsu.

This episode also seems to set up a bit of a rivalry between the revived brothers and the B-Crushers. Mother easily favors the B-Crushers, but the brothers aren’t going to be forgotten if they have anything to do with it. I’m glad that they’re not totally being thrown to the side, it would be such a waste and pretty confusing move to have introduced these new, stronger versions of the brothers, only to have them be cast off once the B-Crushers return to life.

I think it’s also good to learn that the B-Fighters won’t have it extremely easy even with Kabuterious on their side. Kuwaga Titan fought alongside Kabuterious a lifetime ago against the Will of Darkness and was sucked into it, adding the power of darkness to his own. I would venture a guess and say that Kabuterious himself is actually the weaker one at the moment and that definitely leaves the team in trouble.

At least it would if they could use the giants. They turned to stone for some reason, right about the same time that Mother went into a deep sleep to acquire the true “true power of darkness”. It leaves the B-Crushers in a bit of a bind as the brothers take the lead and tell them that they’ll be in charge of things until Mother returns. The B-Crushers aren’t too pleased about this and it seems like they’ve got no intention of listening to Raija and Dezzle.

Hopefully that latest revelation means we’re in for a bit of infighting between the two forces. Raija and Dezzle work much better when they’re fighting together rather than against each other. The previous episode made me think that the two brothers were just going to be cast off again and that is something I did not want. This show already wasted their potential for about half the series, to have that happen again would be such a let down. Sure, it is a little weird to bring them back, but it’s what the show has to deal with. Though it wouldn’t hurt for the B-Crushers to have more of a personality going on right now, these guys are just as blank (except for Beezack, but that’s just superficial) as Raija and Dezzle were early on in the show.