Ratings are in for this week and…well they continue to be bad for Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. Kamen Rider Fourze did not air this week so as to accommodate the airing of Olympic events. How did Go-Busters do on a solo weekend? Find out after the jump.

I predicted that Go-Busters, even without Fourze, would see a bit of a bump in numbers this weekend, if only thanks to the Olympics. While there was definitely a bump, it wasn’t as big as I thought we would see. Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Mission 23 posted just a 3.1% rating this week. That’s up from last week’s abysmal 2.2% and that’s always good, but you kind of expect the episode would rise a little more than just under a point. This week’s episode knocks Go-Busters current series average down from a 4.1% to a 4.0%. For some context, the Sentai with the lowest viewership ever was Chouriki Sentai Ohranger’s 4.5% back in 1994. Even the low rated Sentai of recent years have all managed to garner averages above 5.0%. What does this all mean for Go-Busters? It means that, at the moment, the series is sitting with the title of the least watched Sentai ever, that’s not great for a 36-year long franchise. It also means that, even if every episode of Go-Busters after the premiere of Kamen Rider Wizard scored a 5%, which ain’t happening with recent trends, the show would still finish at around 4.4%, one-tenth of a percentage point below Ohranger. Sadly, even if Go-Busters were to score 6s and 7s for the rest of its run, the best it would do is being slightly better than Carranger, the second lowest Sentai. Shows tend to fall in their second half. Even Kamen Rider W, the show that continued the ratings bump brought on by Decade, started to fall in its final quarter.