No surprise here, but since the end of Megaupload, it’s been difficult to find a lot of older tokusatsu. Because of this, I won’t be able to finish doing episode to episode summaries of B-Fighter Kabuto beyond episode 41. There’s going to be a full series review for B-Fighter Kabuto at some point, but until then, I do want something else to keep me busy. So! I’ve decided it would be neat to get the readers in on this. I’m going to be reviewing a new series episode to episode in addition to Zyuranger (which will become the primary series for me after B-Fighter Kabuto) starting in a few weeks. The criteria for this poll was fairly simple: shows I haven’t seen before or shows I’ve only seen once. I want to watch something and be genuinely surprised with what I’m watching. You see, a lot of the tokusatsu that I’ve seen raw was during a time I couldn’t understand most of what was going on. That’s changed and I’d like to think I have a better understanding of things now, so I’m going for shows that will hopefully surprise me. (and yes, I added one anime) So, Metalder, one of the shows used for VR Troopers, Kamen Rider Amazon, Kikaider 01, Macross Seven, or Juukou B-Fighter? Your choice!