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We have an official press release describing Clandestine: Follow the Path.

Thousand Pounds Teaser Video Gives a First Look at Clandestine

Thousand Pounds Action Company, makers of live action martial arts shorts for anime, manga and video game fans, have released the first teaser video for their original web series,Clandestine.

The world of Clandestine revolves around four supernatural clans who rule mankind from the shadows.  Each clan wields unique abilities, both mental and physical, that they’ve used to strike a balance of power amongst themselves.  How these abilities factor into clan-on-clan battles will be one of the most exciting aspects of how combat and fight action scenes will play out in the series.  Add to that Thousand Pounds’ pedigree in martial arts action filmmaking, choreography and stunts.

Now the filmmakers are giving a first glimpse and establishing just how powerful clan warriors are, even when faced with the elite human killers.  The first teaser trailer from Clandestineintroduces the Eagle clan through a runaway named Baruti (Brendon Huor).  Baruti has ventured off into the city, where he garners unwanted attention from several crime factions. When they all place a hit on him, they underestimate how dangerous he can be.

The Eagle are cunning, tactical, and unmatched in strategy. They see all. Uncontrollable emotions and weak minded individuals are their playground, as they can manipulate the minds of any enemy that isn’t mentally stable.

As Baruti’s would-be assassins close in on him, they quickly realize that while their death-dealing skills are unmatched in the world they know, they simply become toys when they enter an Eagle warrior’s playground.

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Check out the teaser video below and check out the Kickstarter link above to chip in. There are only a few days left, let’s make them count!