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So we’ve finally got news on a new Battle Spirits series! The franchise from Sunrise, makers of the Mobile Suit Gundam series, will continue into a fifth year with Battle Spirits: Sword Eyes, replacing Battle Spirits Heroes at 7 AM on Sunday mornings. Why am I posting this? Because it’s the show that airs right before Sentai and I love following news from this block – that and the Battle Spirits shows themselves can be pretty cool for a card-game anime.

The story takes place in yet another new continuity. Atlantia, the world’s largest country, was destroyed by riots and strife 14 years ago. Tsurugi Tatewaki was secretly shuttled out of the country before its complete collapse. 14 years later, Tsurugi lives a life blissfully unaware of his heritage in a country neighboring what used to be Atlantia. Tsurugi’s story begins when he encounters the mysterious Shining Sword.

Unbeknownst to Tsurugi, a dark army is chasing after those who possess the swords, known as the Sword Braves. Can you guess what kind of sword the Shining Sword is? A mysterious robot is given to Tsurugi, Bringer. The spirit of Bringer teaches Tsurugi how to wield the sword and the ways of Battle Spirits Combat.

The series will be written by Atsuhiro Tomioka and directed by Masaki Watanabe, the director of the current Battle Spirits show, Battle Spirits: Heroes. It’s also going to feature an all-star cast from its lead Junko Minagawa, known for her role as Ryouma Ichizen in Prince of Tennis, to the antagonist played by Jun Fukuyama, known as Lelouch/Zero in Code Geass. Once again, the animation style is seeing a change, which has been one of the gimmicks for the series. The only shows to have the same style of animation were the second and the third, and that’s because the third was a sequel to the second.

This definitely looks a lot more interesting than Heroes, which has been fun but really not much else. The concept of Atlantia seems like it might be trying to mirror modern day uprisings and issues found in certain middle eastern countries. Very bold concept for a card game anime.

Source: http://nagoyatv.com/battlespirits_sword/