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[ご主人さま] Goushujin-sama!

My Masters!

Writers: Noboru Sugimura and Kenichi Araki

After the last two episodes taking a pretty neat angle and giving the viewer a nice and expanded view at the world of Zyuranger, we’re back to a filler! This isn’t a bad filler though, it’s pretty fun, if only for the monster that appears in it. It’s also one of those episodes that breaks the formula some and you know how unpredictable those can be. (well, at times) So without further adieu, let’s get to the review.

Totpat is using a magical fishing rod and casts it down on earth from way up on Bandora’s moon palace. It’s a fishing rod enchanted so that it attracts ancient and magical objects to it, sort of like a magical magnet. So of course, it isn’t long before Totpat stumbles upon a pretty awesome discovery: a magic lamp! This thing has been floating adrift in the oceans of the world for thousands of years and now it has finally been found. And, the genie is ready and willing to grant some wishes.

Totpat and Bukbak challenge the Zyuranger and use the genie, named Djinn, to battle the heroes. And the heroes basically get their butts kicked. This guy is tough and would probably make some sort of amazing ally to the team. Rather than continue fighting Djinn, Geki deflects an attack from him to Totpat and Bukbak, which sends the magic lamp flying. And with it goes Djinn, who must follow the trail of the lamp wherever it goes.

Of course, the lamp ends up in the hands of some kids. This being Zyuranger, you kind of have to expect kids are going to work their way into just about every main plot there is. Anyway! The kids are mostly wishing for harmless things: cars, comics, food etc. One girl wishes for a flying carpet and the effects here are kind of cool. The Zyurangers catch wind of this and track down the kids as well as Djinn, asking them to hand the genie over. The kids refuse and run off before they’re attacked by Bandora’s gang.

In the process of all this, Djinn protects the kids and gets his lamp smashed to bits by Bandora. Without his lamp, he’s powerless. If someone manages to make a lamp capable of holding Djinn, they become his master. This doesn’t sit well with anyone and they scramble to find the pieces of the lamp. Before they can find the final piece, Bandora appears with her new magic lamp. Djinn is sucked in and becomes DoraDjinn, completely under the control of the witch, who orders him to destroy the Zyurangers.

Robot action time! And the Zyurangers are getting their butts kicked. You know, for a supposed god in this world, the DaiZyuJin isn’t very omnipotent. But, I guess this being based on myths and fairy tails, there are supposed to be other beings out there who rival gods in strength. Basra tells the team that Djinn is the strongest magician in the world, so it’s not too much of a stretch.

While the battle is going on, the kids manage to find the final lamp piece and recall Djinn, happy to be free of Bandora’s control. Everyone realizes that Djinn is too powerful to be in the hands of kids while a battle against Bandora is going on. So once again, his lamp is cast into the ocean as everyone bids a fond farewell.

And that was a fairly good episode. Again, no one got any focus, not even the kids, so it truly feels like an ensemble piece. Albeit, one that could stand to develop its characters more, but still! The plot was rather fun and I enjoyed Djinn a lot. I would have loved seeing him as a regular. Seriously. The guy has insane magical powers, why cast him into the ocean? Use for your own good! I was taken aback by how quick the team was to trust him after he kicked their butts, but I figure he has to serve whoever has the lamp. Doesn’t mean he has to like it. Djinn with the kids seemed to be enjoying himself more than with Bandora’s goons and that’s good.

You know, oddly enough, this would have made a better two parter than the previous arc. With some trimming, that thing could fit into one episode. I know it’s a world building episode, but I genuinely enjoyed the story here more. I could see the first part of it ending with Bandora taking control of the genie and that would make a great cliffhanger. Also surprising is that nontraditional giant battle, it’s essentially not completed. Zyuranger’s been good with keeping its giant battles interesting so far. These are elements that keep what could be a dry formula fun an interesting to watch.