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[猿はもうイヤ! ] Saru wa Mou Iya!

Monkeys No More!

Writer: Noboru Sugimura

This episode picks up right where the previous one left off, with everyone chasing after everyone else trying to get to Delos island first. Unfortunately, Bandora has made it to the island before anyone else. Fortunately, there’s a spell set in place by five gems surrounding the chest containing the dinosaur eggs so that no one of demonic origin may touch them. Unfortunately, Bandora’s got a trick up her sleeves yet again.

As Yuro and the Zyuranger arrive at the cave containing the dinosaur eggs, the witch sets her plans into motion. Bandora causes a rock slide to completely block off the entrance to the cave. Yuro and the rest of the people of Delos are distraught, fearful that, should the dinosaurs hatch in the cave, they’ll die without anyone to take care of them.

Back at her moon palace, Bandora has her favorite monster maker cooking up a new DoraCockatrice. (hey, gotta get mileage out of that suit somehow!) DoraCockatrice 2 is born and it’s his job to go out to Delos and trick Yuro and the team into turning the energy field off. DoraCockatrice sends out some of its own foot soldier type things…we’re never actually told what they are, but they’re not good news. The Zyurangers get their butts handed to them and Yuro runs off to find Emiko to make sure she isn’t in danger.

Fortunately, Emiko shows up and says she knows a way into the cave! Unfortunately, it’s a fake Emiko as the Zyuranger soon find the real one tied up to a tree. Fake Emiko leads Yuro into the cave and the kid is pleased the see the eggs are just fine and thanks Emiko, who wants a reward. Her prize? One of the gems keeping the barrier in place. Yuro gives it to her and she quickly smashes it before transforming and telling Yuro that he’s been tricked a second time. Bamdora’s goons show up and it’s another chase to the eggs!

The Zyurangers intercept DoraCockatrice and Bandora’s team, getting their butts handed to them until they transform and gain the upper hand. Annnd now it’s time for the giant battle! DaiZyuJin is called out and we get two battles on screen at the same time. The Rangers are fighting DoraCockatrice while the people of Delos, Yuro, and Emiko are all fighting off Bandora’s gang as they try desperately to get the eggs back. The Zyurangers are successful in defeating DoraCockatrice without much effort, but the eggs are another story.

The eggs are launched into the sea. Sensing the mission is a failure, Bandora’s gang calls it a day and return home. The Guardians appear before Yuro and the rest of his people, disappointed that they were tricked twice and were unable to keep their promise. Yuro and the others become dismayed when the Guardians say that they’re just going to leave them as these half-monkey-half-human creatures and never allow them to return. After some pleading from the Zyurangers though, things are set straight and the Guardians realize that even if the people of Delos did not accomplish their mission, their loyalty was unparallelled and that it’s the job of the God (the Guardians) to love people in spite of their faults. So everyone gets their happy ending! Well, the eggs are still out there, but that’s a story for anther day…

I kind of loved this episode as a conclusion to the story arc, not so much the fighting and the conclusion to Bandora’s meddling, but because of the confusion to the people of Delos’s story and getting some more insight on the Guardians. Man, those guys do not play around. They were willing to just let these people suffer for all of eternity for the mistakes they’ve made. Fortunately the Zyurangers were able to get in there and intercede for the people of Delos.

I’m also surprised at just how quick Geki was to tell Yuro to just admit defeat when the eggs were washed away. It’s a little odd to see the hero tell a kid to go ahead and give up…but I’m also guessing he didn’t think the Guardians would be as stubborn as they turned out to be. It shows some great resilience in the team for actually being able to stand up to a major source of their power, so you gotta admire that. I think it also shows that the team, even Geki, can be pretty naïve when it comes to the intentions of others, or at least the Guardians. Regardless, they’re the sort of heroes who try to help people both in and out of battle and there’s something to be admired about that.

On another front, the giant battle this time was pretty fun. It was fast paced and creative. We get to see the shield pulled out for the first time in who knows how long. That thing fires lasers, why don’t they use it all the time? Either way, it lead to some pretty cool blocks and quick punches from DaiZyuJin, including an amusing scene that has the robot grabbing the monster’s tail and tripping it over on its back. If Zyuranger can excel in one thing, it’s making fast paced and fun robot battles.