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Thousand Pounds Action Company is a film production team that specializes in creating stunning martial arts videos. While they do focus on creating live-action adaptations of video game, comic book, and anime characters, they also have proven that they can create original content that is interesting and appealing. And, their latest project seems to be the prime example of that.

Clandestine: Follow the Path is the latest project by these guys and they have started up a Kickstarter page to help fund it. An original story surrounding clans dating back to feudal Japan, the story follows Adelene, played by Amy Johnston, who learns about her true past and destiny as the leader of the Lion Clan. Brendon Huor plays Baruti, a member of the Eagle Clan, who befriends Adelene against his families wishes.

But, the latest addition to the crew, who will also be starring in this web series, is none other than the legend himself, Mark Musashi (GARO, Cutie Honey: The Live, Kamen Rider: The First, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight)! That’s right, after working with Thousands Pounds in Street Fighter X Tekken: The Devil Within, he is back to collaborate with them once again in Clandestine.

Check out the link below and get more info and updates on the project Clandestine: Follow the Path. If you feel so inclined like I did, throw them a few bucks to help bring their vision to reality. They do great work and I have faith that they will produce the awesome, hard-hitting, gritty action that they are known for, but on a bigger scale.

Clandestine: Follow the Path Kickstarter page

Thousand Pounds Action Company Facebook and Website