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[つかめ!! 伝説の神剣] tsukame!! densetsu no shinken
“Grab it! The Divine Sword of Legend”

Following the introduction of Sopine / B-Fighter Ageha, we’re given a second episode featuring her right off the bat. This makes me pretty happy, mostly because I think it’s odd to introduce new suits and characters and then just write them off for a while. Anyway, this episode mostly deals with the team (plus Guru) searching for the sacred sword that appeared before them in the previous episode.

This is a good episode for Sophie. Though we’re not able to see tons of interaction between her and the other character, she at least has an amusing reaction Guru! It’s basically the exact opposite of Mai and…I find it amusing that a bug-themed hero is afraid of bugs herself. I guess that’s what the staff was going for.

Ageha spends a good bit of the episode using her sonar looking for the sword until they’re attacked by the B-Crushers. She manages to put a decent fight against them, but being the newbie and a bit of a weakling, she’s easily defeated as the fight draws on. The B-Crushers take Guru and decide to torture the poor ol’ guy until the others tell him where the sword is.

Also, the B-Crushers form of torture is…pretty amusing. Strapping Guru to a roller coaster, though it does grow a bit more threatening when he’s strapped to a wall and has explosives thrown at him by the B-Crushers.

Sophie feels pretty bad for letting everyone down and immediately blames herself for it and we kind of see that she takes failure pretty bad. She sort of needs supportive people around her to make her stop mopping around and get back to the task at hand. I imagine this has to do with the fact that she’s pretty pampered and has always had things done for her. So this could be her first failure with some serious consequences going on for her.

Either way, Kouhei manages to snap her out of it and they do eventually save Guru. Along the way they find the location to the sacred sword. It’s been sleeping within a cave at Mount Fuji. The B-Crushers and B-Fighters all get there at the same time and before anyone can do anything…the sword speaks! Yes, this is the legendary Astral Saber that has seen wars from various dimensions and will only be giving its full power to someone just and firm in resolve, totally not the B-Crushers.

The sword, surprisingly enough, ends up going to Sophie and she eventually hands it off to Kouhei because he’s Kabuto and that’s just how things go when the show is named after you. It’s a bit of a troubling pattern that I’m already getting tired of. The one thing the first half had going for it was that the B-Fighters were able to defeat the villains with more or less an even spread of victories to each of their names. Not so much in this second half.

So, after Sophie hands off the sword to Kouhei, he uses her butterfly medal to power it up and kick some B-Crusher ass before they high-tail it out of there and the sword…turns back into a glowing ball of light and goes back to its resting place. Though in the middle of the battle, Ageha unlocks her own personal weapon, the Bloom Cannon…which basically looks like a giant red and silver cigarette.

After the battle we learn that Sophie has to return to Paris but she’s going to leave her medal with Kouhei should he ever need it to power up the Astral Saber and she walks off…to an empty road. Boy. You figured they could give her a ride to the airport, though I guess the giant Kabuto beetle walking with them might make that a bit more difficult than it should be.

Sophie definitely has some really nice chemistry with Guru going on here. She’s freaked out by him at first and then eventually comes to like him, even affectionately calling him oji-san, which doesn’t sit too well with Guru at first. There’s just something about her chemistry with him that makes their scenes pleasant to watch.

It’s also looking like Guru might be sticking around for a while now. He’s been here since the team up with the first generation B-Fighters, having left and then reappeared when he sensed the medals coming to Japan. I would say that it’s interesting to see his interactions with everyone else, but none of them have really had much of anything going on with each other aside from Sophie. Sort of feels like the main trio is actually just ignoring him. I’m wondering if his character was written back into the show as an afterthought.

Oh and Mother is going a tad bit crazy at the end having learned that the Saber’s awakened, that should be healthy for everyone.