Metal Heroes Are Back

In a surprising (maybe?) bit of news, we’ve learned that the Metal Heroes are returning! After Gokaiger VS Gavan, Gavan is going to have a solo romp in Uchuu Keiji Gavan THE MOVIE, being released later this year. It’s rumored that this will be Kenji Ohba’s final time in the iconic role before handing it off to a younger actor.

Dragon Ball Z 2013

That’s right, the Dragon truck keeps on truckin’! The eternal franchise returns to the big screens in 2013 with an original movie. It’s said that this is the first time Akira Toriyama, the original author and artist of the comic, has been so closely linked to the production of an animation for the series. With the director of the hit 20th Century Boys movies heading this one up, we’re expecting big things.

Saban Returns to Saturdays with The Vortexx

Saban Brands is continuing their domination of TV as they’ve finally announced The Vortexx. The block will be a five-hour long one airing on Saturdays starting in August and will use Yu-Gi-Oh and Power Rangers as their foundation shows. Power Rangers Lost Galaxy will air first and eventually new episodes will make their way to the TV block.

Megaforce – Goseiger AND Gokaiger

You read it right! Power Rangers Megaforce is going to be using footage from Goseiger and Gokaiger split over its two halves, with the Gokaiger half coming in 2014. Fans were a little anxious when it seemed like Gokaiger might be skipped, or worse yet, stretched out after 2015 and 2016, really putting us behind Sentai.

Ishinomori Week: Year Two

You know Shotaro Ishinomori created Sentai and Kamen Rider right? Well did you know he’s also responsible for a dozen other iconic tokusatsu? The second annual Ishinomori Week, run by Igadevil of kicked off on Monday with a great run down of Skullman. Each day a new post detailing the creation, execution, and Igadevil’s opinions of a different Ishinomori series goes live in a one week celebration of an iconic tokusatsu legend.


Dan Southworth’s new web series DIVERGENCE has premiered its first episode! The show follows a man trained in the armed services to be hyper aware of minute details. He finds it difficult to return to a normal life but it looks like his paranoia might not be as a farfetched as everyone thinks it is.

Seiji Takaiwa is Wizard!

Takaiwa is back as Kamen Rider Wizard in what makes his 12th Heisei lead role. The man has been suit acting leads in Kamen Rider since Agito and has only taken one year away from the franchise – 2005 when he played Magired instead.