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Keanu Reeves makes his directorial debut in the upcoming martial arts film Man of Tai Chi. And, among the ranks of martial artists to be featured in this film is the rising star out of Indonesia, Iko Uwais.

Making his debut in the Indonesian film Merantau (2009) directed by Gareth Evans, Uwais became noticed earlier this year with the US release of the Indonesian movie The Raid: Redemption, much in the same fashion that Tony Jaa became famous here with Ong Bak. While also working on the sequel to The Raid, called Berandal, he will play a feature role in Man of Tai Chi as one of the fighters to go up against the lead role, played by Tiger Chen (stunt choreographer who trained Keanu Reeves in the Matrix films).

Man of Tai Chi follows a young martial artist who goes on a spiritual journey in modern-day Beijing. Filming in Beijing, Hong Kong and Macau, the film will be released sometime next year. To get a taste of what is being worked on, check out the proof-of-concept video below that showcases some of the camera work that Reeves hopes will help elevate the action in this film.

Source: Twitch, Variety