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We’ve finally learned the name of the new Saban block airing this fall and it is The Vortexx! The block will be replacing CW4Kids beginning August 25th at 7 AM. The news comes after 4Kids filed for bankruptcy and had the five hour block of TV purchased by Saban last month. Yu-Gi-Oh will stick around thanks to an agreement made with Konami, who recently purchased the rights to that franchise from 4Kids (as well as their New York offices) and will have Power Rangers join as the two tent poles of the five hour Saturday morning block. New shows are being promised as well as reruns of a Power Rangers series that has not aired on TV in close to a decade. (so that smashes any hopes of a proper RPM airing)

“This block will be targeting kids with an action-adventure-comedy slant,” said Mr. Dekel, adding that it will tend to skew toward boys. “We are going to be rebranding this block and reprogramming this block with new shows that super-serve that audience.”

In addition to this, we’re hearing that Saban will eventually air new episodes of Power Rangers on The Vortexx. Power Rangers currently has a contract through 2014 for new episodes with Nickelodeon, but could this mean change is on the horizon? Stay tuned for news as it comes in!

Source: AdAge Media News