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We’ve finally got confirmation! A new Gavan movie is set for October 20th! At the moment the film is simply titled Uchuu Keiji Gavan THE MOVIE, but I’m sure we can expect that to change soon enough with a real title. We reported earlier that there might be a new Gavan movie coming out this year based on evidence involving new Metal Heroes toys to be released in the fall and it looks like we were right on the mark! The rumors that stated a new movie would be coming out this year also say that this is the final time Kenji Ohba will play the great Space Sheriff. What do you guys think? Is this a terrible move? Are you happy that he’s at least getting a decent send off? Personally I’m in the latter camp, if the actor does have to be replaced, a proper goodbye is in order for one of the greatest tokusatsu actors of all time. Of course those are all rumors at the moment, so let’s just be happy that we’re getting a new Gavan movie!