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Dan Southworth, known to most of us as playing Eric/Quantum Ranger on Power Rangers: Time Force, stars in a new web series called DIVERGENCE. The first episode dropped earlier today and sets up a pretty interesting story. Here is a blurb from the official site:

“DIVERGENCE is an action/sci-fi series starring Dan Southworth, Damion Poitier, Marta McGonagle, and Courtney Munch. The series follows former U.S. Army Intel officer Mark Leonard who struggles with paranoia and PTSD until he discovers that he is, in fact, being tracked by people…who can disappear into thin air. As Mark fights his way deeper into this mysterious world looking for answers, he encounters different factions attacking him or offering help—but few answers. Each new discovery draws Mark deeper into a mystery that seems to center on his own dark past.”

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