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In case you’ve missed any of the major news stories this week, here’s a concise round up of some of stories causing discussion around our part of the internet for this week.

Tsuyoshi Kida Hesitant to Work on Kamen Rider Wizard

In a blog post Tsuyoshi Kida, the head writer for the upcoming Kamen Rider Wizard revealed that he was initially reluctent to take on the job.  Having worked on Sentai and Kamen Rider for a handful of episodes in the past but never in the capacity of head writer, he shared that the overbearing aspects of a certain producer in the past made it difficult for him to showcase his own voice. The first script for Wizard was finished just last month and the series will begin in September, let’s hope we see what the man is really capable of doing.

The Amazing Spider-Man is Off to a Great Start

Did anyone really doubt this? The movie opened July 4th and has already broken records since then. Surprisingly enough, it’s actually being lauded for its dialog rather than its action. This isn’t to say it has bad action, but its director, Marc Webb, who only has one previous feature film under his belt, seems to be known for his dialog driven films. This isn’t something everyone’s enjoying, but there’s nothing wrong with a cerebral super hero film, is there?

Toei Announces New Sailor Moon Anime

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Sailor Moon series, Toei made a surprise announcement today and revealed that a brand new anime will be coming in 2013, with a simultaneous worldwide debut. Toei says that rather than try to hook new fans in, this is a show made for the original fans of the show, one that aims to adapt the manga material more faithfully than its predecessor. This news comes ten years after the released of the Sailor Moon tokusatsu.

Saban Buys 4Kids Toonzai

In what should be a surprise to no one, the attempt at buying floundering 4Kids’s Saturday morning TV block, Toonzai, has been approved and the media giant that brought us Power Rangers as well as Digimon to the US shores will once again have a spot on Saturday morning TVs. Elie Dekel, president of Saban Brands, mentions that the company is trying to get back into kids entertainment in a big way. The new Saban block will begin sometime this fall, Yu-Gi-Oh! will stick around and be joined by Power Rangers as well as some new Saban acquisitions yet to be announced.

Sengoku BASARA Moonlight Party Teaser Released

A teaser for the Sengoku BASARA tokusatsu has been released showcasing the prominent members of the cast. No in show footage is seen, but we did get a glimpse at some of the action and long awaited visual effects. The series begins July 12th and stars GACKT as well as Kamen Rider Kiva’s Kohei Takeda. (about a handful of other tokusatsu players)

Go-Busters Powered Custom and a New Robot Revealed

In leaked photos from an upcoming toy catalog, the power up for the Go-Busters has been revealed. Only the core three will find themselves with this new power up and weapon. We’ve also learned that a new robot will be replacing Go-Buster Ace as the main robot of the series. What does this mean for Nick? No one really knows, but it definitely creates some excitement for the future of the show.

Marvel NOW! is a Thing

In another move surprising no one, Marvel plans to reinvent itself in the fashion of DC follow its blockbuster new 52 initiative that saw all of its comics restarted with 52 Number 1s. Okay, maybe not in the exact same fashion. Marvel’s plans are actually a little different, rather than the integrated reboot/renumbering of DC’s New 52, it actually plans to launch a few new comics to act as the new flagships for the company and relaunch with various number 1s and generally try to create a new jumping on point for readers. Most importantly, this won’t be instant as DC’s New 52 was, rather it’s a project that will find itself rolling out over the course of five months.

And you’ve now been updated! Come back next Friday to see what stories have made headlines around the world and internet. (and be sure to visit the site in the mean time, we plan to roll out a few interesting articles!)