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Scans have leaked from the fourth quarter toy catalog and we finally know that Go-Busters will indeed be getting power ups, at least the core team of three will.

Using the GB Custom Visor they attach to their Morphin’ Brace, the Go-Busters are powered up and enter their Powered Custom form. The new form has them donning new chest armor, individual to each Buster as well as a few gauntlet attachments.

Up next is the LT-06 Tategami RaiOh!  It transforms together with GT-02 Gorilla and RH-03 Rabbit to form GoBuster RaiOh. When all five Buster’s machines transform together, GoBusterKing is formed. (…yes, I know that we already have GoBusterOh, Japan is odd) Also it seems that RaiOh will actually be replacing CB-02 as the main robot of the series. No news on what’s going to happen to Nick, but this could possibly mean a huge shake up for the Go-Busters is on the way.