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Love those Kamen Rider music videos released for the new songs these days? Wish that some of the older shows had a chance to get their own official music videos? Well now’s your chance to make a difference! Avex, the label that release music for the Kamen Rider series, is releasing a collection called Music Video Rider. The Music Video Rider collection will contain a total of 49 videos split into three packs. The Geki pack gets you videos with themed around techniques as well as Music Video B used while the Tamashi pack gets you videos themed on hard rock and Music Video A. The third Kiwami pack contains everything in the Geki and Tamashi pack along with Music Video C.

So just what are Music Videos A, B, C,? Well, that’s up to you! From now until the end of July, you’ll have the opportunity to vote on one of the 99 songs that have come out of the Heisei era of Kamen Rider to receive a music video! The top three choices will have music videos created and be released as Music Videos A, B, and C on the three different packs. So now’s your chance to vote and give your favorite song a shot! How do you vote? It’s easy!

STEP 1 – http://mv.avex.jp/rider_sound/musicvideorider/index.html visit this website

STEP 2 – Click the button we’ve circled in white

Step 3 – Select your age and gender (you won’t be allowed to vote otherwise) and then scroll around the page, find your favorite song, click it, scroll to the bottom and click that big button and you’re done!

You can only vote for one song at a time, but there is no restriction on the amount of times you’re allowed to vote in general. So if you’ve got a song you really want to see with a music video, maybe something before the era of Den-O when every Rider series started getting videos, now’s your chance to vote!

http://mv.avex.jp/rider_sound/musicvideorider/ranking.html You can check this site to see the top ten songs of the moment, it’s updated every couple of days.