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Entertainment website Sports Hochi has just released the news that a new Ultra show is coming next year as part of a collaboration with the channel WOWOW. The collaboration will see HD remasters of Ultraman and Ultra Seven airing later this year, culminating with the release of Neo Ultra Q in Spring 2013. The series will feature many famous directors doing the various episodes and rather than Ultra Q Dark Fantasy’s take, Neo Ultra Q will act as a sequel to the original Ultra Q series that spawned the Ultra Series in 1966. It is said that while the series will follow the same general concept as the original Ultra Q show updated with a modern twist. This might not be the year long Ultraman series that people have been waiting for, expected to run for 12 episodes, Neo Ultra Q should serve as a great introduction to the focus on monsters that are the franchise’s staples.

The original Ultra Q focused on a trio of characters consisting of two pilots and a photographer who stumble about various bizarre happenings revolving around monsters. Originally titled Unbalanced, the title was changed when the theme changed from straight up science fiction mystery to monster mystery stories. Just the same, Ultra Q is often compared with The Twilight Zone in style and tone.  While Ultra Q featured no Ultraman characters, it is considered the very first entry into the Ultra Series.