A new local hero is born! Introducing Tomica’s SaverMirai!

The company behind Ryukendo and the Tomica Hero franchise have made their return to the tokusatsu world in an unusual way. In cooperation with the Osaka National Fire Prevention and Control Administration Center, a new Tomica Hero character has been announced: SaverMirai!

The new hero is a member of the Osaka Nation Fire Prevention and Contrl Administration Center of the 23rd century who was unintentionally sent back in time by the force generated from a great disaster in 2010. Now in 2012 he partners with the OFPCC to teach kids and families the essentials in fire prevention and disaster awareness. There will be special events with appearances by SaverMirai throughout the area aimed at spreading these teachings.

Osaka National Fire Prevention and Control Administration Center has used various mascot characters in the past to teach kids about fire safety but this marks the first time they have partnered with a large group like TakaraTomy. The character was conceptualized with the idea that toys can be used as educational tools to help instill these values of prevention and awareness at an early age. The Tomica Hero brand was based upon both the Tomica and Hyper Rescue series, both long popular brands from TakaraTomy.

The SaverMirai campaign will begin from April and feature various means of spreading the message around the Osaka area. Pamphlets, posters, and special activities will be set up at elementary and kindergartens around the area to reach children directly.